The Sacred Healing Arts

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Understand your connection with the Angelic Realms, the Ascended Masters and the Goddesses via Divine intervention. These are very  powerful, safe and authentic connections with the Divine Beloved – through which you will grow and expand. There has never been a more important time to connect with the power of your own soul’s connection with the Divine, transforom your inner spiritual experience into the outer reality, and manifest your soul’s purpose and Divine Light into the world at large. In yielding to this call, you’ll soon see the results of this powerful connection at a soul level, your strengthened intution, and discover the healing power of the Universe, healing your own soul and guiding others on their Divine journey also. I’m an accredited advanced practitioner and a qualified Soul Guidance and Sacred Mentor



I am deeply passionate about the Sacred Healing Arts and in particular finding ways to support and empower other’s journey to discover their potential via personal transformation. I work to support others to embrace their soul’s mission in this lifetime, holding space and assisting them to embrace their true protential and uncover the gifts that lie in wait there.

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I offer an array of stunning and very ancient healing modalities which include:

Soul Guidance & Sacred Mentoring

A unique combination of Oracle Cards, healing meditations and guided processes that are designed to empower you throughout a profoundly beautiful healing session. As we open to the loving energy of your Divine Guide throughout this session, a powerful and sacred healing field allows you to connect more deeply with your soul’s essence, explore your life purpose and understand a deeper meaning and connection with your own life experiences and your deepest knowing.

This can be facilitated for an individual or  group or specific life events such as the birth or loss of a family member, honouring a group of friends looking for deeper meaning and healing, or those who are looking for support to process a difficult experience in their lives and are looking for helpful guidance to take the next steps on their life’s journey. This is a powerful modality that can support those who are feeling deeply challenged and those who are just genuinely curious about what the Universe wants them to know on their Life’s path. If you are curious or wishing to invite a specific situation, or bring about a specific shift, then this is a modality you may find deeply healing and validating.

Enjoy superb revelations from the Angelic Beings, the Ascended Masters, The Goddess Collective and the Isis Template honouring the empowerment of the Sacred Feminine – this workshop is a powerful way to experience the incredible spiritual fortitude of the divine feminine spirit of Isis, as you are held in sacred space. This is a very special workshop, with an emphasis on overcoming fear and darkness, building spiritual power, clearing negative associations with divinity and healing whatever may separate us from the Sacred Feminine.

This can be easily offered online, or face-to-face. Contact me for more information at the link HERE 


Spirit Readings with Essential Oils

This is a unique and extremely powerful modality that I developed not long after I discovered my profound and very ancient connection with essential oils. This beautifully powerful and very subtle modality emerged almost by mistake as I was supporting a beautiful young woman who was really troubled on her path, and in line with my intention to provide support for her, I was able to elicit a magnificent and succinct but unmissable message for her. Since then I have conducted literally hundreds of these readings. Their accuracy and potency is deeply humbling beyond words and participants are often brought to hears as they hear the very message of their soul’s expression, and are able to uncover the the message of what it is we need to know ‘right now’ on our Path to understanding our purpose. What are the messages that you have been missing? What hints has the Universe has been trying to send through to you that you may well have been missing? And the most profound question of all: are you ready to shift this? We discover this and more through this very powerful reading.

This one can also be done online, face to face, or over the phone. Arrange a booking at the link HERE

AromaTouch™  Treatments

A gentle hands-on technique using essential oils that are specifically selected for powerful transformative shifts, grounding, soothing, reconnection, detoxifying and assisting with lowering the inflammatory response in the body. The AromaTouch™ Technique will provide you with the ability to access better sleep, more energy, less stress and allow you to have a unique and profoundly beautiful connection with the magic of pristine essential oils.

Naturally this beautiful offering needs to be done when we are in touch – face to face, within profoundly healing space. I also offer these from time to time at my tours and retreats. To book this please go to the link HERE

Past Life Regression Therapy

This is a valuable and insightful experience to help you grasp what is going on in your present life, and recall what is happening on a spirtual, emotional and physical level. This beautiful and non-invasive technique will help to gently uncover the why behind what is happening in your present life and providing additional and powerful insight into the patterns that are emerging in present relationships, and obtaining enlightening experiences and insights. People of all ages, backgrounds and spiritual beliefs can benefit from this insight – you don’t even need to believe in past lives to benefit from its powerful results as the session’s entire focus is on learning from the past experiences. However, this is an ideal session to focus on improving your spiritual enlightenment, understanding and communication. We attempt to connect with your spirit guides, angels and other benevolent beings through this session, enhancing deeper understanding, awareness and connectedness. You will find deep shifts occur that enable you to feel more grounded and secure  with decisions that have been made both in the past and the future.

Past Life Therapy sessions can effortlessly be done over the phone, online, or face-to-face. To book this please go to the link HERE

The Akashic Records

The Akashic Records tell the story of your soul’s journey through space and time as a human being. They are a dimension of consciousness containing a vibrational record of everything that every soul has ever thought, said and done over the course of its existance as well as all future possibilities. Akasha is a sanskrit word meaning “primary substance” but have been known throughout the ages as different things: the Book of Life; The Book of Remembrance and they are a powerful mode of transformation for personal empowerment. Their purpose is really to experience more insight, deep compassion for one’s self and others, and gain clarity about your true motivations and desires as well as obtaining insight and guidance around soul direction and purpose.

The Akashic Records sessions can be conducted individually or as packages, and can be held face-to-face, over the phone or online. Took this please go to the link HERE


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