Testimonials – Egypt Tours

These wonderful testimonials point to the exceptional team work and months of planning that Abdou and PJ create when we work together to present a tour for you.  PJ is given the vision and works on the design, and Abdou works on the logistics to ensure that you are given a seamless experience that enables you to experience Egypt authentically.

Below are some of the testimonials for tours we have arranged for groups and individuals for the last 3 years Petah-Jane and Abdou have been working together:

It was a wonderfully enlightening and beautiful Tour full of enriching experiences and memorable moments. Thank you Petah-Jane and Abdou for making it so! 

Dear PJ and Abdou I am so grateful for your care and consideration in providing me a tour that will stay with me forever… spectacular and insightful, loving as well as spacious. Thank you thank you thank you!

Thank you for shining the way in Egypt for me to finally birth something that has been percolating in me for so long. You are an amazing sister Petah-Jane Auckland-Hall. I can’t wait to create magic with you in what ever way that unfolds. Your love of Egypt finally gave my passion a name and a place to come forth. Thank you from my soul to yours.

As I look at my picture I see a relaxed, nourished woman who has been seen, heard, felt while creating more space inside for extraordinary love for self and others, pleasure and abundance to weave it’s way easily even more in my life now. Thank you to Egypt’s medicine and big heart. Thank you Egypt for awakening my priestess energy from the inside out.

Petah-Jane and Abdou, in appreciation to you for a most enthralling, challenging, delightful and heart-opening experience of Egypt. I feel different… Much stronger in myself. I know I will be back! 

To be a change agent in my life has been a gift. Sometimes one that has taken me out of my comfort zone big time. Yet there isn’t one moment in my life that I would do differently. As I ponder on my three weeks here traveling all over Egypt I see that I will go home some how changed in some way. My heart has been cracked open to receive the depth of Egypt’s passion, love and culture. I can see the subtleties unfolding within me but I’m sure the profound changes will be more evident when I resume my life back home in my own familiar surroundings. Thank you Egypt for all you have offered me here during my stay. I will be back!… That I’m very sure of. To share my adventures with my sweet sis-star Petah-Jane Auckland-Hall and my new found brother Abdou Ashour. Sharing their Egyptian tour medicine they have created with my own group of unique individuals who want to experience their own heartfelt sacred tour here in Egypt next year.