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Petah-Jane Auckland-Hall is an every day Australian that was born with a deep affinity with the Earth and the Divine Feminine.  With a career spanning more than 20 years in HR, Training, Recruitment, Marketing, Events Planning and Social Media Management, she has spent more than 30 years teaching and guiding others towards the path of personal empowerment to literally thousands of people on her Path. Over three decades she worked within the Retail, High Fashion, Hospitality, Banking Finance, and Tourism sectors. Then in 2012 she embarked on what she thought was just a holiday to Egypt – a lifelong calling for her – which changed her life.

Having already committed to working a life in Divine Service in 2011, this profoundly transformational trip opened her completely where she was given the experience of a spontaneous initiation in the Temples of Upper Egypt and bestowed with gift of ‘the eyes of the ancients’ and has since worked tirelessly to help empower others drawing on deep compassion and profound wisdom to assist and help align others towards their soul’s path with a Shamanic focus.

She is strong, capable, warm, loving, relentless with her focus and her love of humanity, seeing other beings as the souls that they are, working from the Heart and encouraging others to do the same as a ‘midwife of consciousness’. Drawing on the power and magic of pristine Essential Oils, the Akashic Records, numerology and a combination of these, she is working as a bridge between this and the other world to anchor ancient teachings, working in service and supporting others who seek to help and heal others on their path. She holds a deeply authentic and grounded space for others who also wish to walk in service.

Her gifts and talents are many. As an internationally recognised Healer she has been initiated as a Daughter of Hathor and Sekhmet, as have many Priestesses before her. A shamanic Priestess, Oracle, Medium and Reader of the Akashic Records as well as engaging with many emerging and established Egyptian Healers who recognise her as one of their own. Several years since her first Egyptian experience, Petah-Jane is sought by many peer practitioners in her field for loving guidance, support and insights as well as the authentic energy she holds. She is a Shamanic Priestess, Oracle, Medium and Reader of the Akashic Records, she performs Reiki II, is a Life Coach and chooses to work exclusively with Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils as portals of light to help empower and bring unconditional love into the lives of others. She says they are her greatest teachers, and they travel with her all over the world!

Channeling and Medium for the Egyptian deities including Isis, Hathor, Sekhmet, Osiris, Anubis, Thoth and Ptah, she was initiated as a Sekhem Healer by colleague Maryam Massoud and was the first student of Olfat Mahmoud El-Tohamy of the Egyptian Pr Ankh School of Ancient Mysticism to successfully use an Ancient Egyptian Pharaonic Pendulum to measure colour frequency of the Tomb of Ptah in May 2015. Her Guides are many, but most prevalent of all is Mary Magdalene – the Patron Saint of Essential Oils who guides and protects and works with her to bring about profound shifts in those who seek her love and guidance.

In her last trip, in April 2016, she was blessed to experience the presence of the Divine Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene who appeared to her at the Hanging Church in Cairo and let themselves be known by the placement of a hand on her back, when no one was behind her.

Petah-Jane’s Life Purpose is to assist with the grounding and anchoring of energy on this Earth, clearing the energy and redirecting it to where it is intended both here and in the Middle East as she supports and facilitates others to do the same via bespoke international Tours designed for this specific purpose, not only in Egypt but soon it will be all over the world.

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