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Petah-Jane Auckland-Hall is an every day Australian that was born with a deep affinity with the Earth and a vision from a very early age of wanting to help others. While she had a career spanning more than 25 years in HR, Training, Recruitment, Marketing, Events Planning and Social Media Management, she has spent most of her life professionally as a Teacher – helping  and guiding the souls on her path to develop their potential, working alongside her on a path of personal transformation. After a devastating end to her second marriage in 2011, she decided to take sabbatical and yield to a lifelong call to visit Egypt on what she thought was a holiday –  and which subsequently changed her life as she knew it forever.

Having already committed to working a life in Divine Service in 2011, this profoundly transformational trip in September of 2012 opened her completely to the experience of a spontaneous initiation in the Temples of Upper Egypt outside Luxor, where the ancients bestowed upon her the gift of ‘the eyes of the ancients’. Since then, she has worked tirelessly to help empower others drawing on deep compassion and profound wisdom to assist and help align others who are inclined to yield to the call of their soul’s soul’s path

Petah-Jane is strong, capable, warm, loving, relentless with her focus and her love of humanity, seeing other beings as the souls that they are, working as a ‘midwife of consciousness’ working from the heart, and encouraging others to do the same. Drawing on the power and magic potency of pristine essential oils, Aromatic Kinesiology, the Akashic Records, numerology and other sacred healing arts, she is a fierce Warrior Goddess, is an internationally recognised and accredited practitioner recognised by the International Institute of Complementary Therapists (IICT) working as a bridge between this and the other world to anchor ancient teachings, working in service and supporting others who seek to help and heal others on their path. She holds a deeply authentic and grounded space for others who also wish to walk in service and shine their light in the world and is a valued and highly experienced coach and mentor to many.

As a healer and psychic intuitive, she received spontaneous initiation in Egypt in 2012 and on each return trip to Egypt. She has been recognised as a Daughter of Hathor and Sekhmet, which is a common occurrence for the Priestesses that return to the homeland of Egypt. She is recognised by many emerging and established native Egyptian Healers who honour and recognise her as one of their own – considered a national treasure. After her first experience, she was shown very clearly that tours to Egypt were a big part of her soul’s calling, and she is connected with the ancient villages of Abusir and Abydos to help support those in need. In addition to Egypt, and other sacred travel sites around the world, Petah-Jane utilises her gifts of connection with Shamanic wisdom, the Archangels, the Ascended Masters, the Akashic Records, the Godesses and personal healing work having worked with teacher and mentor Alana Fairchild since 2017.


Now nearly a decade since her first Egyptian experience, Petah-Jane is now sought by many peer practitioners in her field for loving guidance, support and insights as well as the authentic energy she holds. She is a scribe and writer, entrepreneur, philanthropist, essential oil educator, wife and mother to two on the autistic spectrum and has a powerful soul calling on the Earth at this time, focusing on raising the vibration of souls everywhere via transformation and personal empowerment to help them succeed in their business and personal lives.

Petah-Jane founded her business –  EarthSpirit Pathways – a name channeled to her on a tour of New Zealand in 2015. And has helped teach countless people how to find emotional happiness and health using pristine essential oils for emotional, physical and spiritual wellness.

She has worked as a channel and medium for the Egyptian deities including Isis, Hathor, Sekhmet, Osiris, Anubis, Thoth and Ptah, she was initiated as a Sekhem Healer by Eyptian Priestess and colleague Maryam Massoud and was the first student of Olfat Mahmoud El-Tohamy of the Egyptian Pr Ankh School of Ancient Mysticism to successfully use an Ancient Egyptian Pharaonic Pendulum to measure colour frequency of the Tomb of Ptah in May 2015. Her Guides are many, but most prevalent of all is Mary Magdalene – the Patron Saint of Essential Oils who guides and protects and works with her to bring about profound shifts in those who seek her love and guidance.

On a recent trip to Egypt in April 2016, she was blessed to experience the presence of the Divine Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene who appeared to her at the Hanging Church in Cairo and let themselves be known by the placement of a hand on her back, when no one was behind her.

Petah-Jane’s Life Purpose is to assist with the grounding and anchoring of energy on this Earth, clearing the energy and redirecting it to where it is intended both around the world, in France, UK, the US, the Middle East and Australia as she supports and facilitates others to live their potential and follow their dreams.

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Divine Guardian from Isis Oracle by Alana Fairchild and Jimmy Manton