11th November – Egypt Tour


 A truly superb bespoke 11 night guided tour experience to take you back to this Ancient Land. Join us on this tour as you rediscover your own Inner Mastery. 

 • starts 11.11.17 

US$4111 per person twin share

or bring a friend and pay US$3950 per person twin share 

“If you multiply 1111 by 1111 you get 1234321, representing a pyramid, and number 11 is a sacred number of the pyramid with the proportions of the great pyramid being of the ratio 7:11” ~ Uri Geller

Join Petah-Jane Auckland Hall on this special tour that begins at the Great Pyramid in Giza. This is a special tour that has been designed to reconnect you with the truth of who you are, clearing karmic contracts and deepening your connection to all that is enabling you to experience your own very powerful Inner Mastery as you journey through the soul retrieval that is experienced on every step through Egypt.

This is a fully escorted tour throughout Egypt that will show you the length and breadth of Egypt. A majestic, incredible country that is full of beautiful people who are waiting to serve you on this journey of a lifetime. Be prepared to be surprised and delighted at every turn.

Enjoy the magnificence of amazing Temples, out of the way places that the public cannot access as well as a private meditation in the Great Pyramid.

This incredible unique and memorable adventure throughout Egypt and Sinai will be one you never forget!

A powerfully immersive trip which involves not only a magnificent and unforgettable tour of Egypt, but a superb backdrop to rediscover the truth of who you are with other like minded souls on a totally guided tour into the unknown (both literally and figuratively). This is the trip of a lifetime – filling your senses bringing you into a complete understanding of your connection with this land and your ancient self, and a place to learn to appreciate the surprising natural beauty of Egypt, along with the mystery and beautiful hospitality of the Egyptian people as you journey this amazing land with us.

From the moment we begin, you will be immersing yourself in the full experience of Egypt and all she has to offer, you’ll also have the opportunity to join us on a side-trip to Sinai and Petra! Further details will be released as this becomes available. 



Friday 10th November: Welcome Dinner at 8pm for all participants, with a tour brief and get to know each other with a beautiful heart circle before we begin the journey itself early the following morning.

Overnight: Le Meridien Cairo (at your cost)

Saturday 11th November: An early start, commencing with lectures by Egyptologist Mohamed Ibrahim before we head out to the Giza plateau enjoying the spectacular Giza Plateau where we visit the Valley Temple, the Sphinx and of course the incredible Pyramids area. We enjoy photos at the Pyramids, visit the Solar Boat and head back to the hotel for a few hours. Later that night, we head out for an optional visit to Khan El Khalili Markets and the Al-Tannoura Egyptian Heritage Sufi Dance Troupe which is extraordinary.

Overnight: Le Meridien Cairo


Sunday 12th November: An early morning trip on the bus for a full day viewing the incredible Saqqara complex visiting the amazing Step Pyramid, the Healing Hospital, and the mindblowing Serappeum which is an underground chamber deep in the desert sands containing more than 24 granite boxes underground which have completely baffled Egyptologists and Engineers alike.

Overnight: Le Meridien Cairo

Monday 13th November – after a leisurely breakfast, we head to Alexandria for the day. Named the Pearl of the Mediterranean, it was home to Alexander the Great, and Cleopatra and Mark Antony. We visit the Roman Catecombs, the site of the Alexandria Library and return to Cairo.


Overnight: Le Meridien Cairo

Tuesday 14th November – today is a transit day where we fly to Aswan (included in your tour fees) and visit the incredible Isis Temple of Philae and the Unfinished Obelisk enjoying the afternoon relaxing by the hotel pool, and unwinding with a lovely meal in the evening. We enjoy a beautiful sharing and heart circle before heading to bed to relax.

Overnight: Mövenpick Aswan

Wednesday 15th November: Roadtrip!! We spend the day driving towards the absolutely brilliant Abu Simbel – a great icon built by a Pharoah to his one true love. This is something absolutely worth seeing, we cannot wait to take you there. We then return to Aswan to board our Cruise awaiting on the Nile River.

Overnight: Nile Cruise

Thursday 16th November: A leisurely breakfast then up to the top deck on our way to Luxor over the next few days, where we listen to the incredible teaching of Mohamed Ibrahim. He supports our learning and our understanding as we cruise down the River Nile. Today is a day of relaxing, optional readings with Petah-Jane and determining Soul Direction and Life Purpose. There is nothing to do as we contemplate what we have experienced and consider what is coming. The evening involves an optional Heart Circle and sound experience.

Overnight: Nile Cruise


Friday 17th November: Cruising down the Nile to our destination after a beautiful Egyptian breakfast, we arrive at the incredible temple of KomOmbo – a striking ancient Temple dedicated to Hathor and her consort Sobek, the fertility God. Here we learn the purpose of this incredible Temple with two courts, two hypostyle halls and two sanctuaries indicative of the match of the Masculine and Feminine energies that exist within all of us.

Overnight: Nile Cruise


Saturday 18th November: On the last day of our beautiful Nile experience aboard the Dahabeya, as we find ourselves visiting the magnificent Edfu Temple – the traditional site of the mythological battle between Horus and Set. The most complete of all the Temples of Egypt, we see many hieroglyphs depicting essential oils blends where perfumes and unguents were compounded. We visit the West Bank and then check into our hotel for an early night.

Overnight – Jolie Ville Luxor 

Sunday 19th November: A very early rise to greet the dawn and board a spectacular hot air balloon is a must-do for everyone who visits Egypt. This is such an enjoyable experience, and one we believe even the most feint hearted will be pleased they tried as they overcome their fears and blocks and realise what awaits from this birds eye view of the Theban Valley.  Afterwards, we visit the spectacular Karnak Temple and enjoy the architectural splendour of this superb site. We see the sacred lake, and the giant scarab which was Amenhotep III’s famous installation where it is said that if one circles it 7 times, they will never have problems in love relationships again!

Overnight – Jolie Ville Luxor 


Monday 20th November: An early rise and out to Abydos for the morning where we learn about the significance of this incredible ancient Temple far out into the Egyptian desert. On the way back, we have lunch and visit the superb Dendera temple before we retire to the hotel for the evening.

Overnight: Jolie Ville Luxor


Tuesday 21st November: Our last day together on the tour involves a visit to the Necropolis, Hatshepsut’s Temple and Akhenaton’s tomb before we take a late flight out to Cairo so that you can join your international connection the following day.

A farewell dinner and final heart circle is held before we say our goodbyes.



Abdou Ashour
Tour Manager

Abdou Ashour is a native Egyptian born and bred on the Giza Plateau. Abdou’s role is integral to the tour’s success as and is an essential part of our team as Tour Manager and Logistics Coordinator. Growing up in the quaint Egyptian village of Abusir, just 30kms from the Pyramids, Abdou always had a fascination with Ancient Egypt, which could have been a result of playing in the archaeological ruins as a small child near his home with his brother Hakim, spending time listening to the stories of the guards in the Temples nearby, and his wise knowing which is evident to all who meet him. Abdou has worked nearly all his life, as is the tradition for children in the villages.

The son of a local tailor, Abdou can speak and understand several languages working more than 25 years total in the Hospitality & Tourism industry – 15 of those conducting Tours as a licensed and accredit tour guide with a reputable travel firm in Cairo. A total Earth Angel, all Abdou’s tours are incident-free which is an indication of his care and attention towards our guests. He is generous, kind, and open hearted and his very skilled approach to looking after others “I just want to make everyone happy” is one of his favourite sayings. He is married, and has four children.

Are you ready for a transformational tour that will change your life?

The highlights: 

  • Private time inside the Grand Pyramid
  • Private access at special sites that are off limits to the public
  • Teachings and Lectures on Egyptology by Mohamed Ibrahim
  • Three night Nile Cruise on an authentic Dahabeya
  • Temples that include Abu Simbel, Isis Temple of Philae, Karnak, and Luxor, and Abydos
  • Our very own Egyptologist featuring Mohamed Ibrahim
  • All transfers and your domestic flights in Egypt
  • Valley of the Kings in Luxor
  • Traditional Egyptian food and culture exchanges in real Egyptian villages
  • Enjoy visits to beautiful perfumeries, Egyptian Souks and Bazaars
  • Plenty of downtime to rest and integrate
  • Lots of opportunities to explore ancient and sacred sites
  • Most tips
  • Free wifi access

Your inclusions: 

  • Collection and drop off at the airport
  • All accommodation for the entire time you are in Egypt
  • Welcome Dinner before the tour (10th October – 7:30pm)
  • Bottled Water during the tour
  • Stunning Nile Cruise (4 nights)
  • All main meals: (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
  • Airport transfers, buses, Egypt domestic flights and transportation
  • Park and site entry fees along the way
  • Most tips (customary in Egypt)
  • …. and so much more!

Not included:

  • Pre Tour and post tour accommodation (we can arrange)
  • Your international flights
  • Your travel insurance (highly recommended)
  • Tips for Abdou and the Egyptologist (customary in Egypt)
  • Spending money
  • Personal items such as telephone calls, medical, dry-cleaning and laundry

* Itinerary is subject to changes outside our control

Your Tour investment – a doorway to new existence on an adventure trip of a lifetime:

Part One: Egypt

 Saturday 11th November to Tuesday 21st November
Standard Rate – US $4111 per person (twin share)
Bring-a-friend – US $3950 per person

Part Two: Sinai Tour

Tuesday 21st November to Saturday 25th November 2017
Standard  Rate – US $2222 per person
Bring-a-friendUS $1950 per person

(please ask us for further information)

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Please download the Registration Form and send a non-refundable US$1000 deposit via direct deposit, or pay using the secure PayPal function below (in countries where PayPal is accepted)

Paypal: petah-jane@earthspiritpathways.com

for further questions, please email me at

We look forward to seeing you in Cairo

to start the journey of a lifetime!




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