One of my life’s passions is photography – for no other reason than the fact that it is a wonderful medium to express. I am a self-taught artist who uses a variety of different media to tell a story and photography is an extension of who I am. I was given my first camera at 3 years of age – a state of the art Polaroid camera, totally spoiled rotten by my father’s best friend Alf who had brought it across from the United States. I loved it. To me, in many ways, the polaroid is the grandfather of social media – instant gratification shared in pictures.

I don’t look to perfection in my pictures, so I encourage you not to as well. I intentionally take my pictures extremely quickly and try to bring forward to the photograph what it is I have seen with the naked eye. It is not meant to be technically perfect, nor is it intended to be anything other than a simple and immediate expression of how I have felt at any moment in time.


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