2015 – the Year of the Goat

It is auspicious for me that we go into this new year on the emergence of the Super Moon in Aquarius. As I was driving through the city streets this morning, dropping my Beloved to work, I was suddenly struck by what felt like a surge in positive energy through the CBD. I have not felt that for a long time. Though the streets were grey and dark from the looming storms brewing, I was suddenly struck with what felt like a genuine and profound shift – a glimpse of positivity with the vibe from the environment around me suddenly upbeat where before it had been dank, and lifeless. The wet roads, pedestrians rushing to get out of the rain, the shimmer of the sunlight hitting the wet pavements even in the concrete jungle there appears to have developed a kind of rhythm from uncertainty; chaos being the new shade of charcoal; getting on with it and an overall sense of acceptance having moved through fear – an interesting read of the energy around me as people were getting about their business of an early morning on a Wednesday. It was only when I returned home, I realised that this energy shift appears to coincide with the beginning of a new Super Moon in Aquarius occurring on the new Lunar Cycle for the Chinese New Year.

I have been following Chinese astrology since I was around 7 or 8 years old. Though I was already very familiar with the Sun Signs, popular as they are in the West, I have always felt deeply drawn to the wisdom of the ancient Lunar calendar which is what the Chinese Zodiac represents. So much more accurate in terms of its insight with its 12 signs and five elements than the simplicity of the 12 Sun Signs so familiar in the West, the subtleties of the Chinese Zodiac for me have always been far more aligned to the sensitivities of my humanness. On my journey into understanding more deeply who I am, I have started to unravel the nature of this mystery and that is simply that all Priestesses are aligned with the aspects of the Earth and of course the Moon and her influence has been profoundly powerful on that which shapes the Earth.

This year is the 32nd year of the Green Wooden Ram/Goat and is typically represented as a the period of a passing Summer: a period of prosperity and wellbeing and the year is described as “The Creative Side of the Wooden Ram; it’s diligence applied to hard work ensures prosperity”  – leaving little doubt about the impact this year has for all of us on a global perspective. We have earned it … the world has been through the Universe’s ‘chaos theory’ and a time for peace, calm and prosperity is welcomed! It is said that the Wooden Goat where the sheer chaos of years past on a global perspective begins to wane, heralding a new beginning in more ways than one. In other words, 2015 is a pivotal year for calm, peace and hope for humanity. This is probably one of the most powerful signs we’ve had in terms of planetary alignment for peace to prosper and this is the nature of the Wooden Goat – and a year where we all have a reasonable chance to change the world for the better! And it is said that all conflicts that have built up through 2012-2014 will likely come to a close now. Heralded as the end of an Epoch – and my what a mighty, bloody and violent Epoch this has been! Where we have been forced to encounter our shadow time and time again. Each and every manifestation of the shadow being more ugly and sinister than the last. The Yin to our Yang – the dark against the light; the Masculine and the Feminine DEMANDING that we move forward in balance. This, then could possibly be a good thing. This is how I move to accept what is going on in the world more readily: an understanding that everything has its purpose and this is how I reach compassion. Understanding that everything that occurs is in our highest good, though that may not always be evident to us as mere mortals. Love comes in many forms.

2015 is an 8 year which is a year that heralds wisdom, fortune and prosperity. Viewed as the ultimate ‘lucky’ number (my favourite number which also happens to be significant in my numerology chart), in ancient times the 8 also referred to eternity and is somewhat of a portal, so I see this year playing out as an opportunity to be a portal or entry into another kind of reality – the kind see have said we always wanted, but haven’t yet seen the opportunity to emerge. This could be the year that sees humanity turn significantly towards the Light. Certainly the energies support this shift which is in effect right now. While there are those who have awoken to spearhead and ground this new energy coming through, there are those who are not destined to awaken at this time too. The Yin to our Yang. Either way, we are journeying into a new reality that will ultimately see a collaborative, empowered and compassionate world taking shape regardless of our state of wakefulness. I feel privileged to be alive at this time on Earth.
The significance of the Goat is that it has the power to make something from nothing. It is the nurturer: kind and sensitive. It is compassion and understanding. But rather than the tranquil year one assumes follows those qualities, this is a year that heralds great opportunity for change and reform, supported by this profound planetary alignment and naturally, this brings in turbulence of its own kind. Prudence, therefore is critical. Being sensible about risks, taking appropriate precautions. Remaining alert, but not alarmed. While there is a potential to enjoy great abundance, there is also the potential to experience severe losses with a great deal of political turmoil and social upheaval as well as extreme weather becoming the norm. But we are getting used to this, are we not? Like those I saw walking the streets this morning, we are starting to move into a level of awareness and general wisdom around acceptance of this new existence. We can feel comforted that everything that has gone on before now serves us and prepares us for the energy 2015 brings through.

Enjoy and Gong Xi Fa Cai <3

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