The Akashic Records

What are they?

Life on earth can be extremely challenging. Sometimes we feel we have come to a point on our Path where we perceive we are at a cross roads. We feel we are needing direction, validation and sometimes healing. We feel the need to be heard by the Universe, or feel a base disconnection with our true selves and at a loss with how to move forward in our lives. Why am I here? What is my purpose? Those are the two questions I am asked most often. The Akashic Records are a beautiful spiritual modality that has the profound ability to facilitate a reconnection and has been used back into antiquity to help people understand themselves and their connection to the “all that is” – Divine Consciousness. And to that end, they are sacred.

In ancient times, the Akasha was referred to often meaning sky, space or aether and is a term derived from Sanskrit. A sacred resource, the Akashic Records are available to all who seek them regardless of belief or religious affiliation and are filled with a profound wisdom and inspiration that can be a catalyst to profound life changes. They are known in every spiritual tradition and are deeply supportive, allowing you to access guidance to make the shift from self-reliance to Divine reliance allowing more ease and grace in your life. I think of them as a soul-level spiritual resource, a soul-ar repository that is ever changing enabling us to have a more conscious relationship with our own soul. A blessing that is made available to use so that we can embrace our reality in this incarnation and enjoy the best that life has to offer.

The Akashic Records are described as containing all knowledge of human experience and all experiences as well as the history of the cosmos written in the very aether, or fabric of existence. Metaphorically they exist on a non-physical plane described as a library and are referred to in the Bible as the ‘Book of Life’ (Psalm 69:28; Revelations 21:27) and the Hall of Records. They appear in Islamic and Jewish scriptures as well as the Hindu Philosophy of Samkhya, Buddhist writings and the Tibetan Scrolls.The famous Edgar Cayce is renown for extraordinary accuracy with all of his work in the Akashic Records which revealed some major predictions all of which turned out to be correct except for only two. He referred to the Akashic Records as the “Hall of the Records”.Once given the record, Cayce had the ability to select the information which would be most capable of assisting the individual at that time in his or her life. Frequently, a reading might suggest that only a selection of the available material was being provided, but that the individual was being given that which would be “most helpful and hopeful.” Additional insights were frequently provided in subsequent readings once an individual had attempted to work with and apply the information which had been given previously.

As a means of perhaps alluding to the fact that the Akashic Records were not simply a transcription of the past but included the present, the future, and certain probabilities as well, in reading 304-5, Cayce began the reading with a curious statement.

When discussing the Book of Life, he stated it that it was “The record of God, of thee, thy soul within and the knowledge of same.” (281-33). Im her book “Light of the Soul on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali Book 3”  Alice Bailey writes:


 “The Akashic Record is like an immense photographic film, registering all the desires and earth experiences of our planet. Those who perceive it will see pictured thereon: the life experiences of every human being since time began, the reactions to the experience of the entire animal kingdom, the aggregation of the thought-forms of a karmic nature (based on desire) of every human unit throughout time. Herein lies the great deception of the Records. Only a trained occultist can distinguish between actual experience and those astral pictures created by imagination and keen desire”


I tend to question the point around a trained occultist. It is my firm belief that anyone who has the desire is able and has the right to access their own Akashic Records. I have been able to do read the  Records since I was a very small child when images ‘spoke’ to me from very early on and was then often Guided to speak this truth into the aether (out loud). It was when I started reading about the Akashic Records in 2012, that I started to understand that this was something I have been doing all my life – only I had never heard of the term. I spent the majority of my life shunning my spirituality, so I had no cause to come across it prior.

Rudolf Steiner’s book “The Akashic Records” in 1902 captured his experience with his modern clairvoyance capacity and investigated the Akashic Records for the results on things like Atlantis, Lemuria and the evolution of man and earth. In the book “The Law of One – Book 1” Steiner purported to contain conversations with a channeled “social memory complex” known to humans as Ra (the Egyptian God of the Sun) who explains: 
“We have explained before that the intelligent infinitity is brought into intelligent energy from the eighth density or octave. The one sound vibratory complex called edgar used this gateway to view the present which is not the continuum you experience, but the potential social memory omplex of this planetary sphere. The term your people have used for this is the ‘Akashic Records’ or ‘Hall of Records’. “

Simply, the Akashic Records are an energetic imprint of every thought, action, emotion and experience that has ever occurred in time and space. The Akashic Records can also be understood as the imprint of all experiences of all time in all realities: an etheric, holographic repository of information for human consciousness for the past, present and potentials for the future. While this is somewhat daunting it is important to understand here that the energy that makes up the Akashic Records is the energy of Love! The knowledge contained within them is the energy of Love that permeates everything in the Universe. I have come to understand and trust the guidance I bring simply by using it and watching the effect that it has on others. You are put in touch with Divine Consciousness via my Guides (they include Isis, Sekhmet, Mary Magdalene and the Archangels throughout the reading) and your own. With their love, support and guidance you are able to open your Records at any time and can return to them again and again. There is no limit on the number of readings or how often you open them. Despite what religious dogma tells us, every soul has the right to access and know what is occurring in the Akashic Records.

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