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Sacred Egypt Tours Soulfully Designed With You In Mind

Hey, Beautiful Souls!

Have you always had an inexplicable connection to Egypt? Have you been yearning for the experience of the Heart Land, with this powerful desire to connect with its mystery that you have felt unable to explain? Maybe like me you felt connected with Egypt from a small child, a powerful heart tug from the centre of your being, and a soulful yearning to discover more?

I know only too well how it feels when you hear the call to speak your truth, find your message, honour your soul’s path but feeling lost and unsure of what it is you’re really here to do.

Maybe you’re someone who feels like a fish out of water, uncomfortable about the way you show up in the world, your look your size, feeling really disconnected with the world around you? Maybe you too want to connect with the Feminine potency you know that burgeons within, maybe you want to learn how to lean on your intuition more, discover your true purpose, refine your soul’s calling and create a legacy to be proud of?

I was there. Back in 2011, I felt lost and broken after a marriage that  crumbled around me —a victim of domestic violence, suddenly on my own with two teenage children on the spectrum. I had given absolutely everything I had to a life that ended suddenly, simultaneously hanging on by the fingernails of what was once a corporate role I loved. Such was the shove that the universe gave me to find myself.

Here I am, nine years later, with not one, but countless trips to Egypt taken, a powerful soul journey and rite of passage. With a tonne of direct experience and a fabulous working knowledge of Egypt, I offer a unique insight into the aspects of Ancient Egypt that call to us even today.

It gives me immense joy to be able to give you the experience of the Egypt that set my soul free, and help give myself permission to be me.

Meet Abdou

My business partner, dear friend, and soul buddy. We make a formidable team!

With nearly 20 years of experience in the Egyptian Tourism industry, Abdou Ashour from Sacred Egypt Tours holds a powerful and necessary role on every tour I take. While his role is Tour Manager, he quickly finds a position in our hearts as friend, guide, and guardian and prides himself on his ability to make everyone feel at home, helping me with logistics, planning and safety. He takes immense pride and care in what he does, but his greatest passion is people.

Abdou is a proud Egyptian, and has a deep Pharaonic connection with his ancient lineage that can be traced all the way back to the earliest beginnings of the earliest dynasties of Egypt (his family name appears on the Narmer Pallette). I can guarantee that no better man can make you fall in love with Egypt more than Abdou!

He is loved by all who know him both inside Egypt and out, and his role is to ensure everything runs smoothly! He is an experienced hotel owner, and licensed tour professional, and can look after individuals and groups of 150 travelers and more! You’ll see for yourself Abdou’s loving heart-led leadership style, his care, attention, joy, and kindness provides a powerful, valuable, and FUN tour!

Abdou is married and is passionate about his family as a keen and dedicated father to 4 children and he’s just opened a new hotel right by the Sphinx called Pyramids Paradise Hotel.

The Experience

With over a million visitors a year, you are bound to find a standard tourist offering that’s to your liking, but nothing about you is standard.

In fact, if you are anything like me, the idea of being shunted in and out of Egypt like a sausage factory probably runs chills through your veins.

When you join with me, on a beautiful Earth Spirit Pathways Tour, you’ll not only have the ability to check off the bucket list and get amazing insta-photos, you are guaranteed a powerful, sacred experience, that will have you touching the length, breadth and the depth of Egypt, having powerful, soulful experiences that will reveal your ancient connection with Egypt.

Our tours are not hustle and chaos, they are aligned with the unique, expert knowledge of the lay of this land we demand that you are given the time and space to truly absorb the gifts that lay in wait for you in Egypt. Not only will you have the opportunity to drop deeply into the the ancient connection you already have with Egypt, you’ll come away with complete clarity and peace in your heart, and probably a desire to return, again and again!

On this beautiful Tour of Egypt, we will create magical and very incredible memories woven in with some beautiful retreat offerings here and there.

You will feel amazing and full of clarity, softness and direction – and most of all you’ll come away with a true and deep understanding of how Egypt is woven into your DNA.

Our Tours are all inclusive, specialised and aligned with the needs of conscious travellers who usually prefer to travel solo, or in a small intimate group, and not treated as part of a large Tourist concern.

You’ll have expert guidance, customised sessions and plenty of opportunities to learn about the culture in a deep and very powerful exchange.

We usually try to tie in a beautiful, and heartfelt experiences that are authentic and from the heart, woven in with experiences that have us enjoying local custom and culture wherever it’s appropriate. This is not guaranteed and can change from time to time but we look for opportunities where we can truly give back to the people of Egypt who continually make our tours so incredibly memorable.

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Our Promise

ONE OF A KIND TOUR. That’s our promise!

With the extensive experience I have had journeying through Egypt (I have personally travelled over 100,000kms on Egypt’s soil in close to a decade), I have listened carefully to the energy of each of the sites. THIS IS NOT JUST ANY TOUR OF EGYPT! All of my itineraries are unique each year, and are designed with powerful soul alignment Large tour operators (and many small ones) aren’t able to do this. Our itineraries are so unique, many have attempted to recreate them! But they are always as unique as a fingerprint, aligned to the energy of the year and what I’m being called to do for you. They are only ever written with you in mind.

If you’re ready to join us on our next tour, please send us a message.

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