Spiritual Journeys & Bespoke Tours

What is a Spiritual Journey?

By definition a spiritual journey is the natural progression of a person as they grow in an understanding of the Universe (God/Goddess, Great Spirit, the Great Mother and a hundred other definitions) and themselves. It is an intentional lifestyle of growing deeper in knowledge and wisdom. The Spiritual Journey, typically, is an undertaking which serves as a catalyst for change or growth within the individual with the intention that the Universe provides exactly what we need and that ultimately everything on the Path is relevant. Life, it can be said, is really a spiritual journey.

The Pyramids at Giza illuminated at dusk

However, along the way we may have lost touch with the deepest aspects of ourselves feeling a great sense of loss or dissatisfaction  thanks to the intense levels of distractions we have drowned ourselves with in the ‘modern’ era. The internet, the mobile phone, email and media generally bombards us with messages, daily life and the nagging to-do-list requires that we remain present on the treadmill to ensure that we keep all the balls in the air. At times we can be stretched to capacity either by will or design, at risk of burnout and overload but still with that yearning to get to the core of what is important in our lives. This too, is something of our own creation, and ultimately serves us in some way.

Now in all honesty, the truth is, a spiritual journey really doesn’t necessarily need to be a literal journey or glamorous travel to an unknown or significant sacred place. Typically a spiritual journey can simply be a metaphorical journey into the awareness, and as simple (or complex) as our own beliefs, conditioning and paradigms. But as we progress on the Path, our ‘gno-ing’ increases, our awareness of the multiplicity of synchronicities become evident as signposts along the way to herald our progress and our willingness to show up for ourselves. The ultimate reconnection then, comes when we begin to understand that the key to progress is nothing that exists outside of ourselves provides that level of awareness – only we do as we begin to understand that it is not so much the journey or the place but the level of engagement in the Path itself no matter which direction it takes, is key. Truly everything that happens along the Path is relevant, so the only tool required is “Presence”. It is often then, just a natural progression to want to reconnect with that place on the Earth that you feel is the sacred container for your self expression. And this is where a physical journey starts to become something that needs to happen, rather than something you’d like to happen.

A journey like this, either physical or metaphorical, requires faith. Understand that the Universe only wants to support you and once you’ve accepted this, you start to know that  you’re protected spiritually. This is where doors fall open and opportunities arise that simply weren’t there at other times, for you or others. This is why the journey is so personal and you begin to understand what works for you may not work for another. And for this reason, it takes immense courage to simply say ‘yes’ to what life is presenting. Even if that doorway opens into a portal that we had no intention of travelling through, on a path our egos had decided wasn’t the direction. So effectively, one requires immense courage to face what comes up: facing a direction or a calling or a gno-ing that leads you into a new understanding of yourself.

This is what is meant by Spiritual Journey. Each journey is a Quest – tailor made to suit you and your life. Every lesson is a lesson taken towards understanding our soul’s essence, the resonant vibration that makes us truly unique. Often, as Joseph Campbell has spoken about in the “Hero With a Thousand Faces” the spiritual shows up in the most mundane of ways.


A Spiritual Journey is unique. It is not a carbon copy ‘shelf’ version of “I’ll have what she is having and make that a double”. It is not ‘that thing that happened to that other person over there, and now I want that too’. This is old paradigm whereby we begin to believe old patterns that ‘that thing over there’ the thing outside of yourself, the thing to attain, the Golden Calf that will make us whole again. That’s not it. You already perfect just as you are. Everything you need is within. The Spiritual Journey is your own unique journey that is there, waiting for you. And when we choose to close out all distractions and periphery, we can listen to the call that is uniquely ours that summons us along the way and seduces us to reach beyond the four walls of our comfort zones. It literally calls out to us calls us to take that first step. I can think of at least four significant times in my life when I got the Call and did my dreaded best to avoid what was calling. I could see what lay beyond – and I was not yet ready.

But the Call to Adventure as Joseph Campbell calls it, is literally the catalyst that start us on our journey into the unknown. It is the ancient Path of Initiation for all souls regardless of whether you say Yes or not. Regardless of whether it ‘makes sense’ or not, it is that Path that lies waiting for you the one that asks you to leave behind everything you know and enter strange and unusual territory – where we become unintelligible and unrecognisable to ourselves, where we find we not only do not know ourselves any longer, but the knowing itself stops. It is the point in a person’s life when they start to understand that everything is going to change, if it hasn’t begun already. And if that very thought terrifies you – then you not only recognise it, you understand the Path, the familiar feeling of fear around letting go of all you know and that you too are about to embark on a journey that is set to change your life forever.


I conduct tours to places that resonate for others to enable them the opportunity to embark on that first step into their knowingness as a place of significance either in this life or others. Travel that enables a person to truly understand themselves and connect with their essence of their true selves. Journeys that are unique and provide a wonderful backdrop for a reconnection with the higher self to occur and become the catalyst for deep and meaningful change.

I tailor my tours to ensure that they are free of dogma or belief or projection. Informative tours that enable you to experience the Call to Adventure in a way that is safe and protected physically and spiritually, with local knowledge, and guidance to ensure an authentic and deep cultural immersion into those places which help ignite the deep connection we crave so deeply when we embark on a Spiritual Journey. I look forward to travelling with you.